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With age our skin becomes older, loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear, skin sags in certain areas. One of the new types of non-surgical skin tightening is resorbable filaments, called «thread lift». Such thread is made of special material based on polydioxanone. Polydioxanone has long been tested in practice, it is used for more than 30 years in pediatric surgery and ophthalmology which guarantees its complete safety. The filaments are of different lengths — from 30 to 90 mm. The required length is selected depending on the zone of setting. Threads are put inside with a special needle. After it’s placed into the tissue, the needle is easily separated from the filament, thus not causing any discomfort to the patient.

Needle thickness is similar to the mesotherapy needles, so the process of applying filaments does not require anesthesia. Thread lift is not more painful than any other injectable cosmetic manipulations. Shortly after the procedure, the filament is completely exposed to disintegration and after 180 — 240 days is dissolved completely. Upon that collagen is formed at the place of their location which provides the face-lifting effect that lasts for 18 months.

Thus, speaking about the thread lift, it should be noted that this technique is completely non-traumatic, the needle used is very thin and does not require any incisions on the skin. The local site of needle injection heal very quickly, thereby not taking you away from normal life after the procedure. The newest method of rejuvenation and three-dimensional modeling provides a lasting facelift effect. After the threads are completely absorbed and no alien implants remain in the body, the skin gets a «second youth» due to increased synthesis of its own collagen.

In our practice we use filaments only from world leading manufacturers that have been clinically tested in well-known clinics and have been certified by both the European Union and Ukraine. Putting minimally invasive and safe thread filaments in some cases is an alternative to a surgical facelift.

Indications for the procedure

  • Periorbital wrinkles
  • Vertical forehead wrinkles
  • Wrinkles in the ear area
  • Gravitational cheek ptosis
  • Correction of eyebrows tips
  • Wrinkles and sagging skin in the neck and low-neck area

Contraindications for the procedure

  • Severe blood diseases
  • Severe somatic diseases
  • Acute infections
  • Oncological diseases
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Age under 18

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