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Lipoma (wen) is one of the most common human benign tumors. It is soft, painless and movable formation located in the subcutaneous tissue. Lipoma may occur at any place on the body where fat tissue is, usually subcutaneously – on the trunk, leg, arm. Usually, size of the tumor is 2-3 cm, but there are also huge formations up to 10 cm in diameter and bigger. Large lipomas, compressing the surrounding tissue, can cause some pain.

In practice there occurs a familial lipomatosis which has hereditary nature. Initiating factors include injuries, including mental, endocrine system disorders. It is clinically characterized by development of symmetrically located multiple lipomas mainly on the limbs, but at the same time head, neck and shoulders are not affected. Tumors are painless, round, soft, movable, smooth, about 5-6 cm in diameter. There can be calcium deposits and necrosis of some of them.

It is desirable to remove lipoma at early stages, until it reached a large size. The LaserOne Clinic performs operation under local anesthesia, it takes about 15-20 minutes and consists of the removal of formation together with the capsule. Special cosmetic suture is made on the skin.

Contraindications for the procedure

  • Decompensated diabetes
  • Hematolysis
  • Pregnancy
  • Periods in women

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