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Laser Lipolysis is an innovative method of fat deposits treatment using laser energy. This minimally invasive procedure is widespread in the US and Europe. Unofficially, laser lipolysis is called «Hollywood liposuction» or «lunchtime liposuction», since this procedure can be performed within a few hours and the patient immediately returns to its normal activities. This method was experienced by many Hollywood stars: Carmen Electra, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore and others.

A unique feature of laser lipolysis is the ability to reduce fat deposits almost anywhere on the body, including zones where traditional liposuction is not possible: patellar region, chin, back of the shoulder.

The main point of the laser liposuction procedure is the impact on adipose tissue by laser energy with wavelength of 1064 nm. Under the influence of laser beam fat cells membranes are destroyed and subsequently leave the body naturally in liquid form.

The laser energy also performs two important functions: it coagulates (solder) the small blood vessels to minimize bleeding and stimulates collagen synthesis, lifting the skin in the affected area.

Destroyed fat cells do not regenerate. As a result of one procedure it is possible to remove 500 ml of adipose tissue from each area.


Comparing traditional liposuction and laser lipolysis

Traditional liposuction

Laser lipolysis

General anesthesia Local anesthesia
Long period of rehabilitation Rehabilitation period of up to 3 days
Probability of hematoma No hematoma
Probability of subcutaneous tuberosity No tuberosity
Probability that “sagging” zones may cause the second operation (skin plastic surgery) No “sagged” skin, visible lifting effect
Wearing compression underwear for 1 month Wearing compression underwear for 2 weeks
There are zones inaccessible to liposuction (taboo areas) Lipolysis can be performed almost anywhere on the body

At the LaserOne Clinic laser lipolysis procedure is performed using the newest laser system SmartLipo (DEKA, Italy). Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia and is painless. After marking zones and local anesthesia special microcannula, 1 mm in diameter with laser energy, is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. Puncture site is healed without a trace after 2-3 days. Person’s ability to work is not disturbed, the patient can immediately return to normal life.

Laser liposuction procedure is performed under sterile conditions by qualified personnel with years of experience in surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Contraindications for the procedure

  • Increased sensitivity to local anesthetics
  • Serious liver and kidney disfunction
  • Acute inflammatory diseases of the skin
  • Pregnancy, lactation

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