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Both men and women today can face such a serious aesthetic problem as hair loss. The reasons are usually linked with age, heredity and a wide range of chronic diseases. Even the most expensive medical and cosmetic drugs offered by popular manufacturers can help only in the mild cases. They cannot be applied for the treatment of alopecia (baldness) caused by injuries or burns. The only effective way to restore hair is the innovative method of hair transplantation, that is microtransplantation, which gives a guaranteed positive result.

Reconstructive hair transplantation is recommended for all patients confronted with a strong hair loss and baldness. It should be understood that it is better to do this procedure earlier. Alopecia treatment by the microtransplantation method is performed with the use the patient’s own hair. The «Donor»-hair will be the healthy hair growing on the back and sides of the head. The transplanted hair will grow and physiologically will be replaced with the new ones. The follicles (root of the hair together with the surrounding tissue) from donor areas, so-called «permanent hair» zones, are always healthy and maintain their normal anatomical and physiological properties almost to the end of human life. After hair transplantation, hair follicles continue to function normally and have a normal healthy hair growth. This phenomenon is the basis of the one and only effective method of hair restoration for people with alopecia.

At our clinic hair transplantation is carried out by the most advanced technique in the world — by FUE method. Unit of donor material used for hair transplants and consisting of one or more hair follicles is called a graft or hair transplant. During the procedure the surgeon extracts each graft individually with a special device and transplants it to a new location. After their transplantation grafts are not rejected because they are not foreign. Hair retain all their natural characteristics: color, texture, growth rate and waves.

Although hair transplantation procedure can last a few hours, it is not like the usual surgery. Surgical incisions are not used, so there is no need to put stitches and there will be no postoperative scars on the head. Minimal invasiveness is the key to a brief period of post-operative rehabilitation. Micro-holes made by surgeon during the procedure are quickly skinned over and self-healed.


  • Completely safe and comfortable for the patient
  • Hair transplantation guarantees one hundred percent of their survival
  • Using local anesthesia
  • Simultaneous transplantation of about 10-11 thousand hair follicles
  • Implant survival of the transplanted hair in 10 days
  • No post-operative swelling, bruising and headaches

Contraindications for the procedure

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Exacerbation of scalp skin diseases
  • Diabetes decompensation
  • Intolerance to local anesthetics

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