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Areas of use

Laser hair removal on all skin types
Pigment spots removal
Laser skin rejuvenation
Vascular treatment

This equipment includes two laser sources: alexandrite and neodymium.

All the manual maniples produced by DEKA company have a built-in skin cooling system, Contact Skin Cooling, which is extremely functional. This system has an innovative design that reduces the rehabilitation period, minimizes the injury rate and makes the procedure painless. Patients feel comfortable during manipulation. Doctors can minimize the pain while maintaining the effectiveness of the procedures.

Alexandrite laser (Alexandrite, 755 nm) is the only type of laser which provides immediate results, in other words «clean hair removal.» This type of laser effectively removes dark hair on light skin. Light energy of an alexandrite unit is actively absorbed by melanin located in the hair follicle and shaft. As a result, thermal degradation takes place, first of melanin and then of the hair follicle. The darker the hair is, the more effective the treatment will be.

By the means of alexandrite laser equipment pigment spots, freckles, epidermal nevi can be removed.

Powerful neodymium laser (Nd: YAG, 1064 nm) allows to remove hair on any types of skin (including dark and tanned ones). This method of hair removal is that the laser acts selectively on hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin, destroying vascular component of the hair follicle which leads to the hair dying on the treated area. Using a neodymium laser for hair removal is interesting because it has high performance and effective at dark, red, gray and bright hair. In addition, the Nd: YAG system has proven itself as the best to resolve vascular malformations of any color, size and depth.


Areas of use

Fractional skin resurfacing
Skin lifting
Laser tumor removal
Laser correction of stretch marks and scarring
Removal of pigment spots

SmartXide DOT is the only CO2 laser that generates a pulsed affects using two innovative technologies: SmartPulse and SmartStack.

The laser system SmartXide DOT gives an excellent result for the fractional rejuvenation compared with other systems that use continuous or pulsed effects sources.

Due to its unique capabilities, SmartXide DOT is an exceptional equipment that is able to solve the most complex tasks. As an example, treatment of scars of different etiology, removal of pigmented lesions of the skin, as well as the possible impact on the deep wrinkles. Herewith all the settings are adjusted individually for each patient’s procedure, which especially enhances the effect during these procedures.

SmartXide DOT laser system makes it possible to work safely and successfully on specific areas such as the neck, chest, upper and lower eyelids. It has become possible to perform the procedure even on skin types with a high risk of hyperpigmentation.


It is used for the laser lipolysis (laser liposuction) procedure and laser treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweating). Laser Lipolysis is an innovative technology developed specifically for the destruction of excess adipose tissue by selective laser exposure on the membrane of fat cells.


Minimal injury rate
Simultaneous coagulation of blood vessels (the procedure is virtually bloodless)
The use of local anesthesia
Minimum period of rehabilitation
Pigment spots removal
The procedure is performed without cutting the skin (skin puncture is made with a cannula, 1 mm in diameter)

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