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Breast correction allows women to get rid of the unpleasant consequences of sagging breasts (mastoptosis). The cause of mastoptosis can be brooding and baby-feeding, rapid and significant weight loss, the initial discrepancy of large breasts to weak muscular-ligamentous apparatus or age-related changes. In such cases breast skin gets stretched and loses elasticity.

Saggy, flabby breasts not only cause women psychological trauma but also provide some physical discomfort. It is therefore important to give them back their former excellence and attractiveness. Breasts can be tightened with a common plastic surgery – mastopexy.

Breast lift is recommended for women who face the following challenges:

  • Downward displacement of the nipple and areola;
  • Breasts asymmetry;
  • Significant extensions formed due to various reasons;
  • Mismatch of breasts and the surrounding skin.

The operation allows you to make the perfect breast shape by redistributing its «native» soft tissues: excision of excess skin and moving the nipple to a higher position. Depending on the severity of mastoptosis and soft tissue state the type of surgical intervention is selected.

The degree of intervention may vary from a minimum crescent cut at the edge of the nipple and complete preservation of glandular tissue to broad cuts and partial removal of the glandular tissue. After the surgery breasts become taut, raised and acquire a beautiful shape. Cosmetic stitches make the surgery almost invisible.

Periareolar breast lift is recommended when a chest is small and sadding is weakly expressed. The nipple is moved up after a small crescent-shaped incision above the areola or circularly around the areola.

For moderate mastoptosis vertical mastopexy is advised. The incision runs vertically down (from the nipple to under the breast skin folds) and around the nipple. The nipple is raised to a pre-calculated value. Breast tissue is injured very slightly.

To correct even more serious flaws T-shaped breast lift is used. Two wide incisions make the technique most traumatic but allow to correct the shape of a large volume and significantly lowered breasts.

The selected techniques agreed with the patient affect the type of anesthesia and the duration of the operation. On average, the operation lasts 2-3 hours. Patient can be dismissed from hospital in a day or two, but will be able to get back to work not earlier than in a week.

Possible contraindications are detected by an electrocardiogram, x-rays and clinical analyzes. It is denied to take blood-thinning medications before the operation.

During the first 3-4 weeks after surgery it is recommended to wear compression underwear which will gently support the breast, reduce post-operative swelling and pain. To reduce the effect of pain analgesic pharmaceuticals are appointed and antibiotics may be prescribed for the prevention of possible complications.

Stitches are removed after 7-10 days, after that physical activity, exercise, solarium and sauna baths are prohibited for two weeks. Depending on the physiological characteristics of the body, swelling may persist for 3-4 months and only after that the effectiveness of the correction can be evaluated.

Contraindications for the procedure

  • Infection or cancer
  • Coagulation disorders
  • Problems with internal organs, blood vessels or heart
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Mastopatia

During a free consultation at the LaserOne Clinic you can get more information about breast correction methods.

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